Are you a professional?

Well are you?

One thing that frustrates me is implied meanings. If something is to be communicated accurately then use the correct words to describe it. Do not imply meanings in words that are not meant to be used, just because they sound important.

There are two such instances that drive me crazy. One, when people expect certain types of behaviour from a “professional” and then the common “we are all adults”. Lets address the first one shall we?

We are all professionals.

No seriously, if you getting paid to do work, you are a professional. The definition of professional?


1.of, relating to, or connected with a profession. “young professional people”
2.(of a person) engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime. “a professional boxer”

So, are you a professional software developer? Are you a professional architect? Are you a professional driver? If you getting paid to do it, the answer is yes. I saw the list of a “true professional” in this article. While I believe the intentions of the article are to make people better at their jobs, I believe it does more damage than good regarding the definition of a professional.

We are all adults here

I have often heard this used as a means to define how people are expected to behave when interacting with each other. The ironic thing is that adults are the ones that continually do horrible things to each other in business.

1. a person who is fully grown or developed. “children should be accompanied by an adult”

1.(of a person or animal) fully grown or developed. “the adult inhabitants of a country”

Any description of behaviour there? I can’t see any.


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